Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentines Gift Guide: For Her

Flowers, chocolate and stuffed animals are popular gifts to give a girl on Valentines Day. To give your girl a more unique and fun gift she'll love, here are 5 Gift ideas that will make her feel special.

For the girl who loves to pamper herself, giver her something from Lush. Lush sales fresh, homemade cosmetics such as soaps and scrubs. For nice, kissable lips, get her the bubble gum lip scrub that will make her lips soft.

Spoil her by buying her some bling! They sale beautiful necklaces at Tiffany's to fit any girls style and there is also a wide range of prices so that you can find one to fit your budget. Right now one of the most popular necklaces they sale are from the key collection. 

Get her a pillow pet of her favorite animal that she can snuggle with when you're not around. They sale a variety of different animals such as Pandas, Zebras and Penguins!

4. Frame with Photo of You & Her
Give her a cute frame with a photo of both of you that she can decorate her room with. It's a thoughtful gift that she'll cherish. 

A girl can never have too much perfume. Get her, her favorite scent and she'll love you forever. One perfume that is popular right now is Daisy. It's floral, fresh and feminine. It combines together strawberry, vanilla, white woods, musk, violet leaves, ruby red grapefruit, gardenia and jasmine petals to imitate the scent of a daisy.

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