Sunday, February 2, 2014

Jeju Hallabong Chocolate

I work as a secretary for a program at my school that deals with international students. And people are always bringing back food from different countries to let us try. Someone brought back these chocolates from Seoul that are AMAZING

They are called Jeju Hallabong and are shaped like a tiki man. It's milk chocolate with an orangey center. The orange is so powerful that the chocolate smells like it was bathed in orange. The chocolate and the orange are a great combination and they made my tastebuds go wild! Neither the chocolate or the orange is too overpowering over each other. I have a big sweet tooth and these were honestly some of the best chocolates I've ever tried. I wish they sold them here in the United States or there was someway to ship them here. Yes, they were that good! 

Front of Box 

Back of Box

Candy Wrapper

The chocolates come individually wrapped and the box contains 30 chocolates in all. Here are photos of all the packaging. I thought it all looked really cool!

Have any of you tried out any interesting foods or restaurants lately?


  1. Yum, that chocolate sounds so nice! :)

    Your blog header is adorable too :)

    Away From Blue

  2. that choclate made me hungry and crave a choclate orange !
    your school sounds really good. better than ours we are not aloud coats , hoddies , food in between or during lessons , chewing gum , headphone ect ... i now want to go to your school haha

    beautiful blog !
    jenny /

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    1. ah thanks so much! this is exciting! <3

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  9. The funny thing is I came here because I was also looking for a way to score more of these. Husband had his flight diverted to South Korea and brought these home.....and now I know they are out there and there is no way to get any more :)

  10. and then I ran into this right after I posted! Rejoice!