Friday, May 30, 2014

Tom Boy.

The 80's called and they want there style back! 

This summer a big trend that is making a come back are overalls. Now, overalls are one of those outfits where they are either loved or hated. I happen to love them. One, I think they are comfy and two you can dress them up or dress them down. With this outfit I chose to dress it down and was going for a tom boyish type of look. 

I started off with my overalls, which I found in my moms closet. When I asked her if she had a pair she could lend me, she laughed and told me she wore these when she was my age!

Not sure what to wear under your overalls? You can never go wrong with choosing a striped shirt. Mine is a navy colored, striped shirt from Old Navy. Recently I went shopping and bought two more striped shirts in pink and light blue to pair with my overalls.

 I paired my outfit with black converses to feel and look comfy and casual!

Oh, can't forget the hat to complete the look. I wore my hat backwards for extra bonus points!

Play time!!

 This girl is on FIRE!!!

Another way to style overalls is to unhook one strap. This allows more of your shirt to show and looks extra cute! Also, instead of wearing your hair down you can put it up into a side braid, to add a girly touch. 

Overalls- Moms Closet
Converse Shoes- Nordstrom
Striped Shirt- Old Navy
Sesame Street Animal Hat- Given to my by a friend

What do you think of overalls? And how do you like to style them?


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  3. Love you whole look....I have these shoes....lovely pix dear.....xoxoxo....^_^

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