Monday, March 10, 2014

My 19th Birthday + New hair

I'm an aquarius as my birthday was on March 1st! I'm sad to say I only have one more year of being in my teens. It's bittersweet as I'm ready to go out and embrace the world, yet apart of me is still clinging on to my younger self as I want to stay young forever and never grow up. It's crazy to think that nineteen years of my life have already passed. Where does the time go? Soon I'll be 20, then 21, then 22, then.... I don't even want to think about that. I'm going to enjoy being 19 while it lasts.

I had a very relaxing birthday as I went home to visit my parents. I had just gotten over a horrid week long cold and was still trying to recover so I took an easy. I've been wanting to do something different with my hair for awhile so my mom took me to her friends salon to get my hair done for my birthday. Getting my hair done has been a process that's been going on for the past month. My hair is finally finished as it's dyed black with redish pink tips. (My normal color is dark brown.)

For my birthday my boyfriend treated me to dinner and a movie. We ate at Famous Daves, which is a BBQ restaurant. I got half a slab of ribs and my boyfriend got barbecue brisket. They have all these delicious sauces to go along with the meal, such as the devils spit, which was so spicy and delicious. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it. 

Then we went to see The Lego Movie. I really wanted to see it because it had a lot of big name actors voicing in it. It ended up being really cute and I'd definitely recommend that everyone watches it. There was an annoying song in the movie though, that is still stuck in my head. "Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you're apart of a team!" UHGGG!

My boyfriend gave me these really cute boots for my birthday. I'm usually really picky with shoes, but he picked out the perfect pair! He knows me so well! My parents also bought me tickets to the upcoming Styx concert! They're songs are really fun and I'm so excited for the concert, especially since this is going to technically be my "first" concert. I'm not sure what to expect. 

Earlier in the week, before my birthday, I dropped my phone. The whole thing shattered. The phone was not dead though, so I didn't lose all of my photos, music and information. The phone was however useless and I went without a phone for a whole week. You never realize how important and useful your phone is until you don't have one. When I dropped my phone the screen had unplugged so I couldn't use it. The phone still made sounds though as I could take pictures and activate Siri. I just couldn't see anything. 

 I was going to get a new phone for my birthday anyways so it worked out. I ended up upgrading from the iphone 4s to the iphone 5s. I wanted to stay with the same type of phone because I didn't feel like learning how to use a new phone. I'm not very tech savvy. I chose the white 5s with the silver back and my home button is pink! The screen and the phone is also a bit bigger than the 4s.

I ended up having a great birthday and I'm so thankful that I was able to spend it with my family since I don't get to see them very often!


  1. I love your hair darling ♡

  2. belatedhappy birthday randa! :)

  3. love your blog! followed :) xoxox

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