Thursday, January 30, 2014

Insta Life #1: December/January

       Starting at top left:
       1. Date night with the boyfriend
       2. Outfit of the day:Tights under shorts/ Trying something new :)
       3. Boyfriend found this huge stuffed animal hanging out in the car next to him
       4. Blehh... Don't you hate sick days! Thankfully my boyfriend made me soup and grilled cheese to 111111help me feel better
       5. Perfection at its finest! Delicious red velvet cupcake from my universities bakery
       6. The most wonderful time of the year!
       7. Once a gymnast, always a gymnast. Couldn't resist doing handstands in the snow.
       8. Long day for my puppy, Misty.
       9. Don't you just love sunsets?! It's like a beautiful painting in the sky!
      10. Mah eyeballs... Trying to make my photos look artsy!
      11. Small Macklemore concert at my university! What's your favorite song?
      12. And so the Panda Raige banner was born!
      13. Flowers from my ahmazing boyfriend!
      14. D.I.Y. Phone Cases: Check out my post to find out how to make your own!
      15. My campus is so beautiful, especially when it's snowing!
      16. I couldn't resist! I can't go into Target without leaving with at least one thing!
      17. Getting my hair dyed black!
      18. Trying something new with my makeup. I tried drawing on my bottom eye lashes.
      19. Rockin a bold, red lip
      20. #ThrowBackThursday I miss my gymnastics team so much!

Decided to join the bandwagon and got an instagram to go along with my blog! Here is a sneak peek of some of the pictures I have posted. Check out my insta to see more:

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